Post Hip & Knee Replacement programs

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Total hip replacements and total knee replacements are among the most commonly performed surgical procedures in Ontario. Physiotherapy rehabilitation after first-time total hip or knee replacement surgery is accepted as the standard and essential treatment. The aim is to maximize a person’s functionality and independence and minimize complications such as hip dislocation (for hip replacements), wound infection, deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolism.

The physiotherapy rehabilitation routine has 4 components: therapeutic exercise, transfer training, gait training, and instruction in the activities of daily living. We provide home-based physiotherapy including a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s post-op limitations, muscle weaknesses, mobility and transfer training.

Home based physiotherapy rehabilitation is administered usually in the early recovery period (within the first 3 months) after discharge from hospital, right in the convenience of your home. It includes strengthening exs, pain and swelling control, stretching and Range of motion exercises, walking and balance program to regain their function to pre-op level as much possible. REPUTE’s physiotherapists also offer pre-op conditioning exercises to help improve recovery after surgery.