Mobility & Gait Training

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Most of patients needing physiotherapy have limited and compromised mobility due to various conditions:

  •  Orthopaedic conditions like hip, knee and ankle fractures; hip and knee replacements etc.
  •  Neurological conditions like Parkinson’s, stroke, sciatica etc.
  • Cardiorespiratory conditions leading to poor endurance e.g. COPD.
  • Abnormal gait condition like post-polio syndrome, cerebral Palsy etc.

Abnormal walking leads to reduced mobility, poor endurance, chronic pain and compromised quality of life. Our physiotherapists do an in-depth assessment of patient’s walking pattern and come up with strategies to enable the optimal recovery and maintenance of patient’s walking ability. It includes strategies to conserve energy during walking to improve endurance, cueing strategies to improve gait pattern and also prescription of any assistive aides that may help improve their mobility including orthotics, braces, walking aides etc.