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Foot care is the assessment, care and advice for clients of all ages who need to pay particular attention to their feet. Care includes clipping nails, treating corns, calluses, ingrown nails and thickened nails and preventative care as well as referral to other health professionals.

Benefits of Footcare:

  • Reducing pain – painful feet can impair balance and functional ability;
  • Increasing mobility and physical activity – foot problems are a major cause of walking difficulties for seniors;
  • Increasing self-esteem;
  • Increasing social contact and participation in leisure and cultural activities;
  • Reducing risk of trips and falls – foot pain can cause people to wear loose footwear, which can contribute to falls.

 Footcare services are best suited for the people who:

  • Have poor eyesight
  • Have poor hand/eye coordination
  • Are unable to reach due to arthritis, surgery or obesity
  • Have thickened nails
  • Have lack of strength
  • Have dementia
  • Have diabetes
  • Are pregnant
  • Take blood thinning medication daily